Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welcome to RV full time with us! - Inagural blog

Vicki and I would like to welcome you to RV full time with us! 
If you are thinking of joining the full time RV lifestyle there are a lot of things to consider and we are going to try and help you weed through some of those decisions.  I hope to be able to give you some insight to not only what is involved in making the decisions to become a full time RVer but help you in your adventure.  At the time of this writing Vicki and I have been on the road now for about a year.  We met in 1999 and married in 2001 while living in Fredericksburg, VA. In March of 2012 we moved into our motorhome and spent the next few months getting ourselves situated to living in an RV full time.  It really is a big transition and before going on the road full time, spend some time somewhere getting adjusted.  In most cases you will be transitioning from a house to a much smaller space and this really does take some adjustment.   

Some background on how we got to our decision!

Some very close friends in Virginia, Mike and Carol had been on the road full time for about 5 years and had just come off the road when we met them in 2007.  Over the course of several years they were always telling us of their adventures, the people they met and the places they saw.  It was really intriguing to us but we both had full time jobs working in corporate America and 1 kid still at home. So we talked about "One day" we would like to do that too. 
In August of 2008 much to my surprise the company I was working for had major layoffs and I happened to be one of them.  As you know in 2008 the economy was not that great and jobs were scarce.  So I decided to start a small company Our World Design Studio doing consulting work and build websites.  Vicki was working for a small real estate auction house and between the two of us we were barely scraping by, this went on for a couple of years.  We managed to make ends meet although it was not always easy.  We would do what ever was necessary to cut expenses and keep ourselves afloat.
In addition to working in an office Vicki is an amazing artist she specializes in painting scenes and designs on furniture and doing wall murals, but as hard as I tried could not get her to share her work with the world.  I finally got a few of her pieces into a local art exhibit which helped to convince her that her art work was good enough to make money. 
She started making more and more pieces and developing pieces with a biker theme and we decided that we could sell these at craft shows and biker rallies.  We thought that we could get a small trailer and we would get a booth at a biker rally held the following August.

The Decision to live on the road full time!

It was Memorial day weekend 2011, we were at Monroe Bay Campground in Colonial Beach VA with some friends.  It was Sunday morning and we were drinking coffee and talking about an upcoming bike rally in August.  Somehow, and still not really sure how, the conversation moved to selling Vicki's art work all over the east coast not just close to home.  Hell, if we got an RV we could get a trailer and travel to rallies and craft shows anywhere we wanted.  In addition since, my work was mainly Internet based, I could build websites anywhere as well and between the two of us would be better off.  Literally within about an hour, the decision was made, if we saved some money, did some extra projects we could buy a used RV, move out of our house and live on the road full time!  This would help with cutting expenses as we could live much cheaper on the road.  We set a goal of that within 1 year we would pull out of Fredericksburg and go on the road full time!
So now you have a little back ground on how we got to our decision and what led up to it.  But once we made the decision, what next?

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  1. I landed on your site while looking for RV content to put on a Facebook page. Matt, I hope you don't take this the wrong way. It's just a though that came to mind when I read what you do - build websites. Why wouldn't you have your own website on a server where you control everything instead of a free service like Blogger? Using a free service gives the impression that you aren't really a serious website builder. I realize that you are trying to keep costs down but you can host your site on Hostgator for as little as $5 a month and if you are familiar with Wordpress it's very easy to create a very impressive site. Just my 2 cents for what its worth. I hope it helps more than it hurts.